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  • Engineers Week 2023
    So much fun in all the classrooms this week designing, making and testing out different STEM challenges for Engineers Week ! ** Marble Mazes ** Building Bridges ** Paper Airplanes ** Scratch Coding ** Balloon Cars ** Balloon Rockets Amazing work ! Well done everyone 👏🏻👏🏻
  • Science Workshop
    In October we had such an interesting and educational visit from Benny Joyce from the Department of Earth & Ocean Science Galway University. We really enjoyed making and using secchi discs in the herring barrel to learn about the levels of plankton in our water.
  • Maths Week 2022
    Another busy Maths Week in Cloonliffen NS filled with board game fun, Izak 9 challenges, tangram designs, Beetle Drives & finished off with a wet and windy Maths trail compiled by the Senior Room! Well done to all who entered our Puzzle of the Day competition each day. We hope everyone enjoyed the weeks’ activities.
  • Butterflies 🦋 🦋
    The Junior room got to experience the life cycle of the butterfly first hand this year, when we got some caterpillars for the classroom. We watched the hungry caterpillars eat and eat, form chrysalis and waited patiently for them to turn into butterflies. We then released the butterflies in our school garden. 🦋 The activity…
  • Pinch pots
    The Junior room had great fun making pinch pots from clay. They all did a wonderful job and are really proud of their work. Well done to all

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