Science Week 2022

Heat Proof Balloon Experiment

We had great fun experimenting with heat proof balloon during Science Week. We poured some water into the balloon and held a candle underneath the water. The balloon did not burst because water can absorb heat better than air. When we moved the candle above the watermark the balloon burst ! ( & some people got wet !!)

Making Carbon Dioxide CO2

We used water, citric acid and baking soda to make the gas carbon dioxide. CO2 is a heavier gas than air so when we ‘poured’ it out of the jug on top of the lightting candle it extinguised the flame !

Air Zooka Paper Cup Challenge

We had great fun using the Air Zooka to try and knock down our paper cup tower. The Air Zooka created a ‘ball’ of air that we could not see but when it hit the tower the force knocked over the cups !!

Static Electricty

We charged the polystrene balls inside the balloon by rubbing them off our hair. The static electricity made them spread out and attach to the sides of the balloon. We could move the balls around by rubbing out fingers on the outside of the balloon !

Investigations in the Junior Room

Growing Bacteria in the Middle Room

Researching Scientists in the Senior Room