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November 2019

The children in the senior room visited the National Museum of Ireland, Turlough House, Castlebar to take part in a workshop on Motion, Heat & Electromagnetism.  At the hands-on STEAM workshops, students will gain an understanding of electrical power and develop skills in the conversion of electrical energy to motion, heat and electromagnetism.



November 2018

Well done to the 5th and 6th class students and their teachers who worked very hard to complete their robotics projects. The children worked in groups and followed detailed instructions to create electrical circuits which powered lamps, a bubble machine and moving gecko, fish and car. The groups then presented their finished projects to the children in the middle and junior rooms, who were very impressed with their engineering abilities !!

In November 2nd,3rd & 4th classes enjoyed conducting a science experiment to test acids & alkalines using red cabbage with Tom in the Museum of Country Life. They found that lemon & vinegar were acids and turned the material pink. Water was neutral and had no effect on the colour and that bread soda was alkaline and therefore turned the material blue. Thanks to all at the Museum of Country life for a fun and educational day !

During Space Week the children in the middle room investigated the relative sizes of all the planets in the solar system. They discovered many facts through this investigation e.g Jupiter is the largest planet and was represented by the watermelon and Earth and Venus, represented by 2 cherry tomatoes, are roughly the same size. Our food based solar system made it much easier to compare the different sizes of the planets.

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