Science Week - 2018 - Cloonliffen NS

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Science Week - 2018


11th-15th Nov 2019

Oil spill clean up in the senior room

11th - 15th Nov 2019

Balloon Rocket Launch in the senior room



The children in the middle room had great fun experimenting with different ingredients to make some slime. We used glue , food colouring, shaving cream and contact lens solution to make our sticky, stretchy slime! We also conducted an experiment to make the m's float off our m and m's!


The children in the Junior Room worked together making simple circuits and exploring electricity during Science Week. They also investigated which items would float and which would sink and designed and created their own paper aeroplanes.


5th & 6th class conducted an experiment to show that air will withstand force even if pressure is put on it, just as pressure was put on our balloons filled with air. They also had great fun making their volcano and showing the other classes the volcanic eruption caused by the reaction between an acid and a base.

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