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Mission Statement

Our School

Cloonliffen is a school where faith is lived and shared with the children. The Education, which we provide, is inspired by our faith and Christian values.

Our school welcomes all children who wish to enrol here regardless of colour, creed, culture or race. Each child is valued for himself/herself and provided with opportunities to develop at his/her own rate and to their fullest potential.

We have an open door policy towards parents and visitors. A spirit of understanding, friendliness and co-operation is encouraged. We acknowledge that parents are the first educators and we have a series of regular contacts with parents. Queries (no matter how trivial they may appear) can be written in the children's homework diaries, emailed or 'phoned to the school. The above 'phone number has 24 hour answering service. All queries/information will of course be dealt with confidentially.

The teachers of Cloonliffen N.S. are committed to giving effective and affective instruction in all aspects of the Primary School Curriculum. We aim to provide a sound primary education and to help them to develop spiritually, physically and intellectually.

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