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Green Flag 2019

Green Flag

Lukasz Krzywon, from An Taisce, visited the school 27th November and discussed Global Warming through story time about Dragons that are heating the Earth and through power point in the Senior Room.
Lukasz was most interested in the Green Team's survey that we did during Clean Air Week, of cars that idle in the car park while waiting for us at home time.
The Green Team continues to encourage us to cycle whenever possible and have a new motto "Cycle to Recycle".

Lukas Krzywon came to visit The Green Team, from An Taisce, to give advice on our work for the coming year.
He is impressed that we have already done a walkability audit of the area and checked out about cycling/walking to school, park and walk spots, possible cycle paths and the environment with all of our lovely trees providing oxygen.
He would like us to do a survery of how many cars are left idling in the carpark between 10 to 3 and 3 o’clock each day during Clean Air Week. Caoilfhinn, Noah and Mollie will observe in the carpark during No-Idling Week 19th/20th or 21st November and will fill in the forms below...
Perhaps this week we could study these topics?
• Carbon fuels
• Diesel vs petrol
• Informing and involving through newsletter and website
• Younger classes could hear a story about a dragon who heats the Earth – Global Warming! From Lucasz

The Green Team is starting to work on a <<<Motto>>>
Here are a few suggestions...
Cycle to recycle
Recycle to cycle
Cycling can help to recycle
No one wants to be like Michael because he doesn’t want to cycle
Leave the train and the bus in the station and start resuscitation
Ar do rothar

Maybe you have another otr a better suggestion? Let a member of The Green Team know!!

Mural!!!! We will power hose down the mural of the worm reading a “How to Compost” Book and replace it with a mural of a bicycle and feet walking/running to school...     this Spring

During Active Week we will use a Stationary bike and “cycle” 200 kms which is the distance from Cloonliffen to Dublin. We will use the kilometres done by the brave students who cycle to school each day to boost the number of kms done on the stationary bike 

The Green Team has been busy and has surveyed the cars that park at the school between 2.50pm and 3.05pm each evening. We counted on Monday last 11 cars and 1 bus - the bus and 3 cars were idling - this means toxic fumes were being given off damaging the atmosphere. On Tuesday we counted 12 cars and 1 bus - 4 cars were idling. On Wednesday 12 cars and one bus with 8 cars idling (it was raining!). On Thursday there were 8 cars and 1 bus with 4 cars idling. Finally on Friday last 9 cars were stopped at the school with only one car idling. Are we getting better in Cloonliffen????

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